Join us! Launch & Keynote | Thurs Dec 1 2016, 4-6:30pm | Seminar Room, Dept of Sociology, Uni of Cambridge

Fast-growing BRICS economies have failed women. From the #NiUnaMenos protests in Latin America to the anti-rape protests in India to the One in Nine statistic in South Africa, it is clear that promises of growth and prosperity have not reduced violence. According to The Lancet, 1 in 5 women are affected by violence and the numbers have increased in the last 20 years. Rape, wife-battering, domestic abuse, female infanticide, forced trafficking and harassment remain on the rise. What do we do and where do we go from here?

On December 1, the Department of Sociology launches Infrastructures of Gendered Violence. The 2-year project will explore the intersections between gendered violence and fast-growing and urbanizing cities across the Global South.

Join us in welcoming Professor Rachel Jewkes deliver her Keynote Address ‘What Works To Prevent Gendered Violence.’ Building on more than 20 years of work on the intersections of gendered violence, inequity, and health in South Africa, she will share her insights into what we need to do to end violence against women.

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