The Project

Infrastructures of Gendered Violence is a two-year research initiative launched by Dr. Manali Desai and Ph.D. students Katie Gaddini, and Mahvish Ahmad in the Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge. This cross-disciplinary and comparative initiative will explore the mechanisms that lead to the production of gendered violence across the Global South. With an initial focus on urban India and South Africa, the project will unpack the conditions and infrastructures that allow, produce and reproduce alarming rates of violence against women.

Why now?
The #NiUnaMenos protests in Latin America, the anti-rape protests in India and the One in Nine statistic in South Africa attest to the alarming rise in violence against women in rapidly growing economies. According to The Lancet, 1 in 5 women globally are affected by violence and the numbers have only increased in the last 20 years. Rape, wife-battering, domestic abuse, female infanticide, forced trafficking and harassment remain on the rise.

Studies on violence against women have made major strides but there is room for cross-disciplinary collaboration using qualitative and quantitative methods, innovative research techniques, and comparative methodologies.

Our Aim
A series of workshops in 2016-17 are designed to bring together scholars across disciplines and regions to share cutting-edge research on specific forms of gendered violence, and to discuss future possibilities for collaborative research. We hope to share and develop a ground-breaking research agenda with an ethos of public engagement to understand and combat violence against women.